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History of Major Projects Involvement

2011 QCLNG Project

Provide technical services during Fabrication of pressure vessels and columns at Profab Batam

2007-Present Allseas Marine Contractors

Provide inspection service during construction of vessel Pieter Schelte in China and Korea.

Provision of services for Gorgon project

Provision of inspection services for various offshore projects in the North Sea during offshore installation and pipe laying operations

2011- Ongoing Sumitomo Corporation

Provision of inspection services for various project in Malaysia and Indonesia

2010 – 2011 Exxon Sakhalin 1 Arkutun Dagi and PNG Project

Provision of inspection and logistic services Indonesia and Malaysia during pipe coating, anode manufacturing and transportation of Linepipe

2007-Ongoing Lloyd’s Register Inspection UK

We have a renewable Consultancy Services Agreement with LRI UK to provide a range full of Vendor and Expediting Inspection Services throughout Asia. The current agreement has being renewed in Jan this to cover 2010. This is the third year Albright’s has provided our services to LRI UK.

February 2010 – January 2013: PT Halliburton Indonesia

Albright has been awarded a Consulting Agreement by PT Halliburton Indonesia to provide QC and Inspection services for a period of three years for fabrication activities in Indonesia.

April 2007 – Jan 2010: Reliance India KG-D6 Block Development Project

Provide full range of inspection services for pipe coating, Anode manufacturing, offshore and onshore pipe-laying activities, onshore Plant fabrication and related logistics.

This includes provision of qualified Welding, fabrication, coating and logistics personnel.

Mar 2009 – Present: LRI Singapore for Esso Australia KTT Project - Bredero Shaw Batam/Kuantan

Monitor progress and facilitate performance of inspection tasks as per PO/project specifications and procedures. Participate in project and pre-inspection meetings. Co-ordinate stage inspections for various packages during linepipe coating and related activities

Jun 2008 – Feb 0009: Longtom Project - PPSC Kuantan & Eupec Bintan

Inspection services for all pipe coating and Logistics activities in Malaysia and Indonesia. Inspection of fabrication activities at UDL Marine Singapore

Review of all related project documentation

April 2007 – May 2008: Medgaz Pipeline Project- Bredero Shaw Kuantan

Provision of inspection services for the Medgaz Pipeline Project during the application of Internal Flow Coating, 3LPP coating, Concrete Weight Coating Anode manufacturing and installation

Review and certification of all production and QC reports, witness laboratory testing of applied coatings and materials

During this period we have also being involved with a number of smaller projects where we provide a full range of inspection services in South East Asia.


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